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Many businesses are still trying to catch up and make the shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Professionals looking for explosive growth, the tracking and repeatability you can get from online marketing is exciting, but as it is so new, it can be hard to connect the dots.
Adriel Michaud teaching SEO

Digital marketing is a real, measurable form of growing a business. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing offers trackable results, real-time reporting, and can be done at a fraction of the cost. With 87% of Canadian households connected to the internet spending 36.3 hours online every month, digital marketing allows businesses to directly communicate with these consumers and reach a wider audience.

While post-secondary curriculums find it hard to keep up with the ever-changing online marketing industry, it’s difficult for new and experienced marketers to find reputable, up to date, training focused solely on digital. Many marketers and business professionals struggle to develop a clearly defined digital strategy and are overwhelmed with the tools, technology, and various methods that can be utilized to directly advertise to internet users. The Digital North Bootcamp seeks to help anyone make sense of online marketing.

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Digital North Bootcamp is a FREE monthly series of workshops and classes that take place in downtown Edmonton.

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